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The Ghost Deer

“As long as you’re looking into the corner, there is no way out. You can run all you want; you can fight all you want and yet not move at all. In fact, the harder you drive into that corner, the more cornered you become… Turn around.”

“There are no guarantees… Just remember, the only part you have control over is whether you choose to quit or to keep trying. You are the master of your thoughts and actions—not anyone else. What you choose to think will control what you choose to see, and what you choose to see will rule what you choose to do.”

 “When this is through, you may find you have won more than freedom from. . . You may very well find you have gained freedom from the prisons within yourself.”

– Grandpa Silas Thomspon, The Ghost Deer


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R.B. Moller, Author

R.B. Moller

Author & Founder

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Thank you for joining us! We at Lifting Tree are a new and growing organization taking a stand for solid Christian values and principles of integrity. The various stories and resources in which we share, are designed to provide opportunities for growth and inspiration for children, youth, and adults alike. Besides entertaining, our books are clean and inspiring, building upon the foundational principles of reliance on God, family unity, standing with courage for freedom, holding fast to integrity, and sustaining fortitude against the winds of adversity. We are excited to begin this journey with you! Please subscribe for updates.

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