Sam Thompson, THE GHOST DEER

“You can’t just quit because you’re believing the lies rattling around in your head.”

Rod Thompson, THE GHOST DEER

“You know… much in life doesn’t happen the way we want. In fact, some of it goes exactly how we don’t want, but you can’t let it cloud your vision of the truth… Things end up being how they need to be to help us grow… how we need to grow isn’t always how we want to grow.”

“Fear is a master you do not want.”

“It’s hard alright, but that’s what makes it worth it.”

“We better keep our eyes out for those wolves… I don’t trust them.”

“Hang in there… you don’t be worrying yourself… You just do your best and don’t quit.”

Grandpa Thompson, THE GHOST DEER

“Indeed, a corner it is. There’s a mighty good thing about a corner, though…There’s only one way out… The hard part is finding that way out… as long as you’re looking into the corner, there is no way out. You can run all you want; you can fight all you want and yet not move at all… You must gain a new perspective on the situation. As soon as you do, an entire world of opportunity opens… Turnaround.”

“What you choose to believe is important. If fact, what you tell yourself will impact your life more than everyone else combined.”

“Just remember, the only part you have control over is whether you choose to quit or to keep trying. You are the master of your thoughts and actions—not anyone else. What you choose to think will control what you choose to see, and what you choose to see will rule what you choose to do.”

 “When this is through, you may find you have won more than freedom from. . . You may very well find you have gained freedom from the prisons within yourself.”

Tater Thompson, THE GHOST DEER

“I won’t quit. Not now, not ever.”

“There is only one way out of this mess—and that’s forward.”

“Dad and Mom had taught me about character my whole life, but it wasn’t until now that I understood what it meant.”

“I fought through branch by branch, step by step.”

“Turns out freedom is a lot more than I thought.”

“God was aware of me. Of this, I was certain. And despite my many weaknesses, he cared enough to hear my pleadings—an alone boy, on a lost and forgotten mountain.”

Hannah Thompson, THE GHOST DEER

“Now, now, let’s simmer down… We are a family, and just because we’re a family doesn’t mean we’re always going to agree. Let’s work together and pull through.”

The Last Roundup


“How you choose to feel is up to you, but let me say this, not forgiving is like drinking poison with no way to get it out. It doesn’t set well, just festers until it tears you up from the inside. Try to give them a chance—if they mess up, give them another.”

“Putting others ahead of yourself is what makes a man.”

“You can’t stop living just because life changed. I know you want it back, but this will not bring it.”

“Look ahead. Focus only on the path before you, not the chasms on each side.”

“It’s going to be alright. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but the sun will rise again. It will Mall’s… you’ve just got to be looking for it… You can’t beat yourself up for the past. That only makes it worse. What you can do is learn from it and change for the better.”

Tater Thompson, THE LAST ROUNDUP

“I won’t risk my best friend dying on account of me being scared.”

“There’s something that comes from a ride on a galloping horse that can only be described as freedom. The unrestrained power of a magnificent creature, the blowing wind and the flashing of colors from a beautiful fall landscape…”

“You can’t beat yourself up for the past… It’s not living anymore. Why feed it…”

“If you don’t let this go, it will break you. It will turn you into someone you don’t want to be… One thing I’ve learned Molly, whether or not I choose to forgive, I’m the one that gains the most from it… That’s the way it seems to me. I don’t like poison. Especially not inside.”

Molly Thompson, THE LAST ROUNDUP

“I’m not giving up on you. You don’t give up on me, alright?”

Aranti, Chief of the last Tukudika

“We have freedom, my son. It is inside of each of us so long as we choose it… It is not just about the battle, but how we fight the battle that matters.”

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