Children's fables

This heartfelt story of courage and faith will leave you and your children inspired and empowered.

Rose, the little pink daisy, is an example of light to those around her, but inside her heart lies a never-ending battle between darkness and light. Despite her despair, Rose embarks on an incredible journey of self-discovery to rise above her struggles and let the light of God’s love shine through her. Through wind and storms, she must find the strength to keep reaching for the light.

Keep Reaching is an inspiring story of courage and fortitude amidst the challenges of this life. It will leave you and your children encouraged to overcome the personal fear, trials, and darkness we each face daily. Join Rose on this moving journey of strength and hope to receive God’s love with gratitude, while surrounded by darkness.

** Packed with Life Lessons and Solid Values **
  • Trust in God to find peace in the storm
  • Turning to gratitude to find hope during trials
  • Keep Stretching for the Light Despite the Darkness
  • Trials are opportunities to grow
  • Courage & Persistence, Faith & Patience
  • Never Stop Reaching…

Meet the Authors

R.B. Moller & Heather H. Moller

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